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Musculoskeletal Injuries are assessed and treated from acute to chronic stages

'We make an effort. We join a gym, play tennis, take up golf, go for a run, try to take more exercise and very often those same aches and pains stay with us throughout or get worse'

It is during this training and effort that problems and imbalances can occur in the soft tissues. Our muscles shorten with stress and load affecting our posture, while other muscles  lengthen & weaken disturbing our skeletal system.

Stress, muscle tension, minor strains and muscle fatigue all impinge on our sense of wellbeing.

The same problems can occur when doing DIY, gardening, deskwork, or any other occupational task.

The stress of the working day can be carried over to your leisure time and inhibit movement.

Mike will be able to identify these trouble spots and treat them appropriately, using massage with specific release techniques  very often before they escalate into major problems. Advice will be given on stretching & strengthening exercises


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